Local Resources

Disclaimer: No Local or affiliated marque car club or organization endorses any of the service or part providers on the List and inclusion on the List should not be construed as an endorsement.
ADP Solutions of Texas Inc, Wholesale of Automotive Paint and Car Wash products, 3700 Fredericksburg Rd, suite 113, San Antonio, TX
Color Tone Paint, (210) 736-3143, 619 Fredericksburg Rd, San Antonio, TX 78201 Got a half-pint of custom touch-up made for less than $25. Not a perfect match, but very close!;
Complete Collision Paint and Body (830) 535-4277, Ask for Andrew ;
Auto XXJason Hassinger (210) 885-3413 General automotive as well as powder coating and (possibly) wheel straightening.
Kyle at (210) 683-9023 does dry ice cleaning on undercarriage, frames etc. He also does paint correction and detailing.
Dent Masters (210) 646-2455, Chris Douglass, Mobile Service for repair of door dings, hail and minor dents. Used him once on the advice of a professional detailer. Great result.
Dent Doctor (210) 695-8777, cell 288-8232, John Briley, 14940 Chinquapin Helotes, TX
Great work at a reasonable price.
Totally Mobile Detail (210) 490-5409 By Appt. only
Never used the guy but had a friend who had just used him for a full paint conditioning and detail and I was very impressed with the result. Not at all inexpensive but worthy of investigation if that’s what you’re in to.
Buff’s Detail Supply, Ben Leeper (210) 851-5674, www.buffsdetail.com, 20655 IH10 #104 San Antonio, Tx 78257 Buff’s Detail sells premium detail products to the DIYers. For the rest of us, they provide service from a “basic” detail through complete paint corrections.
Diamond Auto Shine (210) 947-1149 Jeff Kweller Has a shop or he’ll come to you. Check this guy out for sure if you need detailing or paint refurbishment at a reasonable price.
Roberto Reyes (210) 241-4469 Works from his residence near Marbach and I410 in SATX, You’ll need to call in advance to schedule a visit. You may have to provide the material. He has done great work on my antique cars and my Chrysler van [complete headliner].
Another member experience: He’s a longstanding “find” of a longstanding member. I’ve used Roberto once to install ready-made seat covers for bucket seats and custom upholstery on the rear bench and was very pleased. If you’re monolingual like me, a Spanish-speaking intermediary is advisable but not absolutely required. He just likes to make sure he understands exactly what you’re looking for.
Gabriel and Son Upholstery Shop and Top Specialists (512) 392-8072 113 Texas Ave. San Marcus, Texas 78666 Put a new top (from Robbins through Moss Motors) on my Austin Healey and they do a fabulous job. Not cheap.
Rodriguez Upholstery (830) 303-6495, 114 E. Kingsbury Seguin, Tx 78155 I needed a bench seat reconditioned but not recovered and didn’t want to pay a fortune. They listened to exactly what I was looking for and did a nice job.
J.F. Hagan Distributors (210) 227-4166 upholstery and hardware suppliers, 405 W. Jones Ave. San Antonio, Tx 78215 A step back in time and worth a try for custom upholstery for old cars and related hardware, materials and equipment to get the job done.
San Antonio Upholstery Supply 1119 (210) 228-0182 N. Mesquite St. San Antonio, Tx 78202 Not exclusively auto supply but a good place to find material and leather for custom jobs.
Peña Bros Upholstery (210) 647-4200, 5305 Bandera Rd. I provided Moss kits for the seats and top to my LBC. They did a great job. Reasonably priced.
Frank Raineri (210) 834-0205 Frank has installed new carpeting, new seat covers, headliner, and installed several Robbins Type Convertible soft tops in my LBC. I can recommend him.
King of Trim Daniel A. Sales (818) 471-0279, 9901 San Fernando Rd. Pacoima 91331
Mander Automotive (210) 695-2255, 14297 Old Bandera Rd, Helotes, TX 78023 manderautomotiveservice.mechanicnet.com Bob is great. He runs the only shop that works on my cars if I can’t do it.
Farrell’s Garage (832) 452-4502 www.farrellsgarage.com Farrell’s Garage focuses primarily on the rewiring and electrical repair of Classic and Vintage British and American cars and trucks.
Another member experience: …he’s installing an electrical harness on my LBC. His expertise is electrical, but there is nothing he can’t do.
Hill Country Automotive 830-331-2489,   32980 IH-10 West, Boerne, TX 78006 Found this shop to be very honest. Easy to make an appt. No long waits. They do wheel alignments.
Arthur Petri (830) 660-4946
Manuel Sotelo (757) 303-7267
Editor’s Note: Arthur and Manny are our local go-to guys for Triumph repair and have been used by many STTA members.
Foreign Affair Import Car Repair Specializes in British cars (210) 658-8338
124 Commercial Pl Schertz, Tx 78154
Current 2 Classics (210) 732-3737 302 Bellinger St. SATX These guys have a wide range of services for classic and modern cars, restoration, engine and transmission, convertible top hydraulics, paint and body too.
Victor’s Service Center (210) 737-1778, Victor and now his son run an extremely capable foreign car repair shop. Victor worked at the British Leyland dealer in Corpus Christi before moving to San Antonio. They have done minor work on my car, and on the another they replaced the clutch, rear suspension, rear brakes, all bushings and swapped the differential gears from an XJS so I have taller gear ratios. Experts. Another member experience: Specializes in Jaguar and Mercedes. I’ve used Victor’s shop 6 or so times over the last 15 years. Never inexpensive but always had a good result and very organized and prompt. You get what you pay for.
Michael Hado (Houston-area) (713) 808-5644 Triumph Engine/transmission rebuilds
MD Automotive (210) 688-2366 7454 F.M. 1560 near Helotes General Automotive, These guys are good.
Duffin Engine Service (210)  341-8183, 1227 Hallmark Dr, San Antonio, TX 78216
Good results for V8s. He did my 215 Rover and 500ci Caddy with no issues.
City Auto Machine (210) 659-2400, 110 E. Byrd Blvd. Universal City Tx, 78148 Recommended by a very experienced member of the local scene who has built lots of engines.
Parks Engine Service (830) 379-4562, 1820 Friesenhahn Rd. Seguin, Texas 78155 Rick Pridgen is the very hands-on owner. Made aware of this shop by Foreign Affair. They did a good job on my head and flywheel. This place is always busy. He told me it would take a few weeks and it did, but if you’re not in a rush this is a good bet.
Art’s Tire Warehouse (210) 736-4516, 3350 Fredericksburg Rd. San Antonio, Tx 78201 Used several times over the years after Victor the Jag mechanic told me that’s where he took his alignments…don’t know if he still does. Old school alignment pit done with rulers and chalk; no alignment machine in sight. Counter guy’s name is George. Alignment guy is Arnold and if he’s not still there I don’t know if I’d use them again. Bought a set of tires mounted and balanced once too; somewhat limited selection (Discount Tire, they’re not) but competitive prices.
A.R.T. Tire and Auto (210) 824-9574, 1331 Austin Hwy. San Antonio, Tx Recommended by a very experienced LBC owner who says they have good tire selection and prices and are e

World of Wheels (210) 436-0148 3503 Weir St. SATX, Straighten and paints wheels, Used many years back experienced with wire wheels! They don’t currently do alignments,little pricey but very nice result.
Yoi Kazoku Motorsports (210) 974-4846 Converse Tx, Will do wheel alignments to customer spec. Specialize in Japanese performance upgrades but also know of others who have used them for general auto repair.
Jesse Perez, The License Plate Guy 210-532-7456
2214 St Anthony Ave
San Antonio, TX 78210-5224
If you need a special plate (e.g. Year of Manufacture), this is your guy.
Arrow Key Service (210) 341-9595, 4322 Vance Jackson Rd, San Antonio, TX 78230 Ask for Ron. Super helpful. Was able to make keys for me using the key code on my glove box and trunk cylinders.
Team Triumph British Automotive (330) 727-2509 Ohio source for used and NLA parts; he can part out and provide almost any part needed.
Speed and Sport Chrome Plating in Houston, Texas, (713) 921-0235
https://speedsportchrome.com/ This company re-chromed my bumpers in 2019. $1000/bumper. They are old school.
C&D Plating & Polishing (210) 653-5880 Worth a quote.
SouthWest Chrome Plating (210) 658-8087 Excellent at chroming and filling holes on bumpers.
American Bumper (210) 332-0083, 6625 S. Flores St. San Antonio Tx, 78214 Bumpers straightened and repaired but no chroming. Good work at a super reasonable price.
StraightNShinyByGolly (210) 807-1650 Classic Auto Stainless/Alum. Straightening and Polishing
Joe’s Speedometer, (818) 468-4414
Reseda, California, 91335
May 2021 he repaired, cleaned and calibrated the tachometer for $170 plus $15 shipping
Nisonger Instruments, (914) 381-3600 info@nisonger.com They specialize in Smiths gauges which I think only earlier TRs had. Beautiful workmanship. UPDATE: Their website says they no longer repair gauges after hurricane Ida but do sell new replacements made w/ factory tooling.
TesRac Enterprises, Inc. (419) 384-3022 (800) 543-6648
TS Imported Automotive/Motoring Xtras
108 S. Jefferson Street
P.O. Box 475
Pandora, OH. 45877-0475
TSI Automotive / TesRac Enterprises, Inc. (Ted Schumacher) provided a rebuilt Servo / Brake Booster. They would have rebuilt my brake booster if I wanted to keep the original, but I was satisfied to purchase an in-stock rebuilt booster. I was required to send them my brake booster core. March 2018, I paid $135 plus $26 packaging and shipping.
British Vacuum Unit 603-731-1788 britishvacuumunit.com / emailbritishvacuumunit@isp.com
Ask for Rob Medynski. New OE Lucas distributor vacuum advance and retard units. Rebuilt distributors and parts. Zenith carbs machined for ported vacuum. Feel free to call with questions or for advice. Nice, knowledgeable fella.
Taylor Made Hose (210) 520-4673 Kevin Dear, 5914 Zangs Dr. SATX All sorts of hydraulic and other custom hoses and fittings.
Vintage Steering Wheel (713) 376-1045 Clyde Edwards, repairs & restoration, reasonable price
Steering Wheel Restoration email: BACKWARDS@prodigy.net repaired, recoated, remolded
D&D Auto Air (210) 341-2261, 8502 Speedway Drive San Antonio, Texas 78230
San Antonio Brake and Clutch / (210) 226-0254 902 Ave. B (Corner of Ave. B and 9th St. just off Broadway) I’ve taken old calibers that I couldn’t get unstuck. If you supply rebuild kits you’ll get back finished calipers at a very reasonable price. Also had them cut drums and disks; re-line aluminum shoes that were no longer available new.
Brass Knuckle (210) 520-5813 Works with an English wheel. Can straighten or make just about anything metal. Craftsman-quality work.
Auto XX Jason Hassinger (210) 885-3413 General automotive as well as powder coating and (possibly) wheel straightening. “A multi-talented guy.”.
Lone Star Radiator Co. 210-732-7558 1227 Basse Rd., San Antonio, TX 78212
Ask for Jesse Martin. Found him to be very forthright. Asked for his opinion on whether or not to have my TR7’s radiator re-cored or just buy a new aluminum. He told me that, for the minimal price difference, he’d just buy a new one.
Another member experience: …for fuel tank cleaning and radiator work. These guys are simply the best. They cleaned my fuel tank and radiator.
Texas Industrial Radiator Inc. (210) 666-5500 5314 Interstate 10 E. SA, TX 78219 They re-cored a TR3 radiator for me (if I remember correctly they had to re-use/repair the tanks because they were not available) once upon a time and did a nice job at a fair price.
Rodriguez Radiator (210) 432-6661 4802 W. Commerce San Antonio, Tx Maybe the only one of the local shops that still does gas tanks.
Big Moe Starter and Alternators (210) 341-2774, 512 W.W.White Rd. San Antonio, Tx 78220 I took by LBC alternator to them back when they were Win Brisbin Rebuilders (off of E. Nakoma & N. North Loop Rd.) and they said it needed a few new parts (brushes, diode/rectifier, and regulator. He called to let me know he couldn’t obtain the parts from his supplier any longer. I found the parts at Victoria-British (before they closed out to Moss Motors) and he said he’d install them for me. His cost was only $25.00!
Dunfords Alternators (formerly NW Starter & Alternator) (210) 521-0011 6714 Hop Sing Train San Antonio, Tx One-man shop. Haven’t used them recently but have taken several alternators and starters over the years. Excellent, honest, prompt work at a (more than) fair price.
San Antonio Armature Works (210) 227-0291 1015 N. Colorado SATX rewinding, repairing, balancing electric motors
Chasco Auto Electric (210) 359-1318 Rebuilds small electrical motors.
The Twisted Axle (210) 324-0977 ask for Rafael 5505 Bandera Rd #602 San Antonio, Tx 78238, thetwistedaxle@gmail.com Specialist work at a competitive price, need to bring the axle to the shop and must be scheduled in advance.
Mike Rouse (Houston area) (337) 540-1140 Triumph Differential Rebuilds
Round 2 Offroad (512) 953-3722 Cedar Park, Tx Rebuilt my Spitfire axle at a good price and it’s good to go. Took the rearend to them and got it back in less than a week.
Drive Shaft Specialist, Inc. (210) 342-6622 8327 Mccullough Ave, San Antonio, TX 78216 Long-time SATX business that has done great work for me in years past. Can rebuild your driveshaft or fashion new one.
Drive Shafts Unlimited (210) 333-5050, Sonny Osborn 150 South W.W. White Rd. SATX
Thrash Drive Shaft Balance and Service (210) 342-6622 4834 West Ave. SATX
Inland Truck Parts & Service (210) 662-6465 U-joints and shaft balancing – great service
Jim Wollney Transmission (210) 520-4224 5742 Rogers Road, SATX Automatic, manual and clutches, his overhead is low, he offers a warranty
MISC. ENTHUSIAST (hats, tee-shirts, woodworking, trophies, car-friendly venues, etc.)
Need a Bonded title? (409) 658-3019
Email new submission or corrections/updates to Albert Jacob at tr8bofin@yahoo.com If contacts are invalid or no longer in business, please let us know!